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The National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE), as we know it today, is a Mexican government institution in charge of developing and implementing state policies on a national level to encourage the population to exercise and to participate in sports to strengthen social and human development. CONADE?s responsibility is to budget national resources as an investment in the well-being of the population and to promote equal opportunity and excellence in the realm of sports.

InDecember 1988,as a Presidential Decree, arises theNational Sports Commission (CONADE), as a decentralized agency of the Ministry of Education, in charge of thepromotion and development of sport andphysical culture.

In 1990 the Encouragement and Promotion of Sports Law was enacted becoming the first law to govern sports in our country and placing the National Sports Commission as a governing entity but as a decentralized institution of the Ministry of Education.

Since then the activities developed in CONADE have laid a solid foundation for the development of sports in Mexico. A decree published on February 24, 2003 in the Official Journal of the Federation, created The National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports, as a public decentralized agency of the Federal Government, which since that time has been in charge of the National Policy on Physical Culture and Sport, having its own legal identity, assets, and domicile in Mexico City.


Mexico wants to be recognized as a country with a high level of physical activity, recreational activities and sporting programs. Through these permanent and systematic programs Mexico is developing a healthier, more competent and competitive population with great potential for teamwork. This, in return, is reflected in a higher level of social and human development and in a more integrative community. These programs stimulate physical activity and improve the living conditions of the population as well as generating athletes who can compete on an international level.

Our Mission

To create, to develop and to implant policies of state that foment the massive incorporation of the population to the recreational, physical and sport activities that fortify their social and human development that impels the integration of a solid physical culture that orients the use of the budgetary resource not like a cost but like investment and which they promote equality of opportunities to obtain the participation and excellence in the sport.