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History of Conade


By decree published in the Official Diary, on December 30 of 1932 the President constitutional substitute Abelardo L. Rodríguez, was authorized to constitute the National Council of Physical Culture, organism that would integrate themselves with representatives of the government and private organizations. The decree did not indicate the attributions that the council would have.
Nevertheless, this document is extremely important because is the first mexican attempt to legislate in the matter of sport.

The objective of this organism was to coordinate the activities related to the physical education and sport between the official organisms and the federations, advocating by the methodologic unification; it will take care of the appropriate participation of México in international events, and will promote the celebration of international events in México taking care of the same particularities; it will establish centers of popular cultures, and it will form the necessary local committees in the Republic, organizing and providing his moral and material aid, the Mexican Sport Confederation, like a National Institute.


During the administration of the President Miguel Alemán it was published in the Official Diary of the Federation, on February 25 of 1950, the Decree that created the National Institute of Mexican Youth (INJUVE), with own and dependent legal personality of the Secretariat of Public Education.

According to the article 2 of the mentioned Decree, the purpose of the Institute would be to prepare, direct and orient to the Mexican youth in all the national basic problems, to reach the democratic ideal, the spiritual and material prosperity, carrying out the study of those problems, formulating the suitable solutions and proposing to the official or social organisms the initiatives that agree, where appropriate or realizing them when they are not of the competition or nature of those.

The importance of the Institute derives of the fact that even though the Decree does not make reference to the sport subject, actually this organism took care to foment this activity between the young people.

The Regulation of the National Institute of Mexican Youth was published in the Official Diary of the Federation on June 30 of 1951, and in its article 7 indicates the attributions and faculties of the Technical Subdivision, it mention in its fraction I: "...b) To foment the sport practices, athletics and games; c) To maintain and to foment athletic competitions, sport gymnasiums, clubs and fields; d) To provide sport equipment and of work, to talented young people by its aptitudes..."


The President Luis Echeverría considered the existence of a necessary organism, that independently of the INJUVE was especially made to foment the sport. And it was for that reason that decreed the creation of the National Institute of Sport, its intentions, in agreement with the article 3 of the decree at issue, they would be the following:

I. To promote the physical and moral improvement of the Mexican through the sport.

II. To elaborate the programming of the National Sport.

III. To support to the Mexican Sport Confederation in the sport activities that realize in all the country, in the terms of this Decree.

IV. To foment the sport between the people of the dependencies of the Federal Government, and to coordinate themselves with the State and Municipal Governments in the terms of the respective agreements, and to advise to these governments when they ask for therefore it.

V. To impel the investigation in all the sciences and techniques applied to the sport, particularly the medicine of the sport.

VI. To foment the qualification and the improvement of the sportsmen, as well as the formation of promoters, trainers, technicians, judges and referees, in all the branches of the sport.

VII. To promote in coordination with the farm organizations and with the popular groupings, the practice of the sport of its members.

VIII. To help in the impulse to the sport practices in the schools of the National Educative System according to the norms that the Secretariat of Public Education determines.

IX. To take advantage of the massive means diffusion to foment the sport.

X. To foment and to support the celebration of regional and national sport events.

XI. To establish relationships with International Sport Organisms.

XII. To administer, to conserve and to operate the sport facilities that are assigned by the Federal Government or by means or agreement by the State and Municipal Governments.

XIII. To assure the creation of Mexican Industries in manufacture of sport material.

XIV. In general, all the necessary one for the fulfillment of the objectives that indicates the present Decree and those that confer other applicable legal dispositions to him.

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